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Category: Security guidance

Understanding your radio and its battery

The radios used on Hastings Barwatch and Shopwatch are very simple to use – simply turn them on, ensure they are on the correct channel and push to talk. That said, we understand some people may be nervous about using them for the first time – so get in touch if you’d like a short training session to get you over any worries you might have. An instruction manual for the radios is available here:  motorola_cp040_instructions. To get the most out of your radio battery and make sure it lasts as long as possible don’t leave it in the charger […]

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‘Ask for Angela’ if you feel threatened on a night out

The ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme helps people get help from bar staff if they feel unsafe or threatened when on a date or after meeting someone they don’t know at a venue. The aim is to reduce sexual violence and vulnerability by providing customers with a simple code-word they can use to get the attention of staff members who can help separate them from the company of someone who may not have the best intentions. Anyone who feels unsafe in such a situation can get help from bar staff by simply asking to speak to “Angela”. Staff will then assist […]

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Home Office surveillance camera guide

The Home Office guide is intended for anyone in any organisation up to and including small and medium sized enterprises buying a surveillance camera system who wants to maximise their chance of success (and minimise risk) by observing the principles of good practice. As a buyer, you could have many different roles in an organisation, but there are a few things that you will all have in common: you want to feel that you have spent your money wisely you want your needs met now and for the life of your surveillance camera system you want a solution that solves […]

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Safer Physical Intervention for door supervisors

This is intended as a quick reminder for Door Supervision licence holders and relates to the training in physical intervention that the SIA requires – it should not be used for training purposes. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE For more information visit the SIA website

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Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014: Anti-social behaviour powers Statutory guidance for frontline professionals

The Home Office published statutory guidance in July 2014 to support the effective use of new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour that were introduced through the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. This guidance has been updated in the light of experience since the new powers were introduced. The changes will help to ensure that there is a greater focus on the impact of anti-social behaviour on victims and on their needs, ensuring that the relevant legal tests are met before the powers are used, underlining the importance of ensuring that the use of the powers are focused on […]

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