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Exclusion criteria policy


Red card offences will result in an immediate ban being issued:

  • Three points = 9 months
  • Four points = 12 months
  • Five points = 18 months

Yellow card offences will result in a warning letter being issued.

If two or more warnings result in three points or more over any 12-month period a ban will be issued.

The length of ban following a warning will depend on the number of cumulative points received:

  • Three points = 3-month ban
  • Four points = 6-month ban
  • Five points = 12-month ban
  • Six points = 18-month ban
  • Seven points or more = board decision (max 36 months)

[NOTE: any reported extenuating or aggravating circumstances will be taken into account and members reserve the right to adjust the points issued at their discretion]


Any offender in receipt of a criminal conviction from Hastings Magistrates Court or Crown Court (where the offence took place in Hastings) for any of the above offences will receive an automatic exclusion:

  • Yellow = nine months
  • Red = 18 months


During the six months following end of exclusion the following exclusions will immediately apply:

  • Any yellow offence – two-month exclusion
  • Any red offence – 18-month exclusion


Persistent offenders are defined as:

  • At least one reported incident per month over a six-month period
  • Receipt of three consecutive exclusion notices with less then six months between each notice
  • More than three criminal convictions for any of the above offences in any 24-month period

Identified persistent offenders will be considered for further action in conjunction with Sussex Police which may result in exclusion from the geographic area with the penalty for a breach of a court order involving a custodial sentence.

RED CARD OFFFENCES First recorded offence Offence following earlier warning or exclusion
Theft from premises over £250 3 3
Supply or intent to supply drugs 3 3
Minor assault on member of staff (no injury caused) 3 3
Possession of bladed/offensive weapon 5 6
Serious assault on member of public or customer (resulting in any form of injury) 5 6
Possession of firearm 5 6
Assualt on member of staff resulting in physical injury 5 6
Sexual assault (e.g. any uninvited physical contact of a sexual nature) 5 6
YELLOW CARD OFFENCES First recorded offence Offence following earlier warning or exclusion
Theft from premises under £50 1 1
Aggressive begging within 50 yards of a member premises 1 1
Failure to comply with stopping drinking alcohol on the street 1 1
Ejection from venue (too drunk and refused sale – co-operating without resistance) 1 1
Abusive/offensive language to member of staff or customer 1 2
Ignoring the request of BID staff to move away from member premises 1 2
Causing or encouraging others to behave in anti –social manor 1 2
Urination in a public place 1 2
Online harassment/threats to members of staff via email or social media 1 2
Criminal damage (minor/reckless – damage less than approx £50) 1 2
Possession of Class B or C drugs 1 2
Minor assault on member of public/customer  (e.g. pushing) 2 3
Breach of section 35 dispersal notice 2 2
Defecation in a public place 2 2
Explicit verbal threat of violence to staff or customer 2 2
Ejection from venue (too drunk and refused sale – physically resisting) 2 2
Criminal damage (with intent – damage over £50) 2 2
Attempting to sell stolen goods in a member premises 2 2
Passing counterfeit money / cheque fraud / use of stolen card 2 2
Possession of Class A drugs 2 3
Racist or homophobic language 2 3
Non-physical sexually inappropriate behaviour (e.g persistent attempts to gain attention after being turned down, unwarranted sexually explicit language) 2 3
Theft from person (e.g. bag snatch or pickpocketing) 2 3
Theft from premises over £50 2 3