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‘Ask for Angela’ if you feel threatened on a night out

The ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme helps people get help from bar staff if they feel unsafe or threatened when on a date or after meeting someone they don’t know at a venue.

The aim is to reduce sexual violence and vulnerability by providing customers with a simple code-word they can use to get the attention of staff members who can help separate them from the company of someone who may not have the best intentions.

Anyone who feels unsafe in such a situation can get help from bar staff by simply asking to speak to “Angela”. Staff will then assist the person in leaving the venue discreetly and getting home or to a place of safety. This could mean taking the distressed person out of sight, calling for a taxi and making sure they get home okay, or even asking the person causing distress to leave the venue if appropriate.

Always call the police if the situation becomes hostile, threatening or there is cause for concern about the victim’s safety.

Guidance for staff:

1) Offer to take the person asking for help to a part of venue not in sight of
the public or potential threat. (staff room, kitchen, toilets)
2) Offer to call the person a taxi or assist them in calling a friend/family
member to come and collect them
3) Where safe to do so (the person asking for help is out of sight and the
staff consider it safe) request the person causing distress leaves the venue.
4) Ask the person in distress what it is they want to do? (It might be they
just want to alert staff that
things are becoming uncomfortable and might need someone to keep
watch whilst they collect possessions from the area where they were seated.
5) Do not allow the person asking for help to leave the venue in sight of
the person causing them distress as this could lead to them being followed
out of the venue and placed at higher risk.
6) If the person causing distress becomes angry consider calling the
police for assistance or follow your corporate policy on this issue.

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