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Guidance on identifying fake notes

It is worth investing time ensuring you and your staff can recognise fake money.

Sussex police have recently notified us there may be new batch of forged £20s in circulation in the area. Their advice is:

“Tilt the note from side to side, check the hologram flips between a £ symbol and the number 20. Hold the note up to the light, check for a bright ‘£20’ next to the Queen’s portrait. The printed lines and colours on the note are sharp, clear and free from smudges or blurred edges.”

Sussex Police

The Bank of England has created an online training module that will take you through all the things you need to be looking for to ensure the money you are handling is genuine.

Take the training course now – free.

You can also download a copy of the Bank of England’s guidance leaflet here.

Further guidance on identifying genuine Scottish £50 notes has been produced by The Association of Commercial Banknote Issuers and can be downloaded here.

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