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Reminder: when to call in a crime to the police (short answer, every time…)

If you witness a crime, dial 999!

We have been reminded by the police that whenever you witness a crime in progress – even a relatively low-value shop theft – you should call this in on 999.

The only exception would be if you have detained a suspect on the premises, in which case, please use 101.

The Susses Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne recently said in public:

“Sussex Police recognise that theft is a crime that should receive an appropriate response and there is no minimum monetary threshold applied to what will, or will not be, investigated.”

When calling 999 remember:

  • Even if you have the suspect’s name have a clear description of them and what they are wearing
  • You may not get an immediate response from officers – the police have to prioritise their time and it is a reality that other more urgent jobs may be in progress
  • Always ask for the crime reference number and include this when you log the incident on DISC (or your in-store system)

There is nothing wrong with being a regular caller to the police if your business is frequently a victim – this will help them better understand the impact crime is having on you and may help in future allocation of time and resources.

The importance of DISC reporting is that it enables us to also have a clear picture of what crimes are most affecting you so that we can lobby for more assistance on your behalf.

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